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Porcelain Veneers

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that fully cup over the portion of a tooth which lies above the gum line. Crowns encase the entire visible aspect of the tooth and essentially become the new surface of the tooth. Dr. Fundo is  very experienced in crowns and can answer any questions you may have about this treatment option.

Veneers are a modern dental technology that  Dr. Fundo  may use to cover dark or yellow teeth, fill unsightly gaps, lengthen short teeth or straighten crooked teeth. Porcelain Veneers are permanent and are attached to the teeth using the most advanced bonding methods.

If your teeth are stained or discolored, teeth whitening may be your solution to a bright and brilliant smile! Professional teeth whitening is a safe and effective way to brighten your smile and can be done to suit your personal preferences. Dr. Fundo offers both in-office and take home professional whitening options at Joy of Smile Dentistry. Call us for more information.

Professional teeth whitening